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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hey there everyone
It's cool to read what everyone is doing -- even if it takes forever!!
It has started raining over here so the heat has gone -- thank goodness. Lets hope it stops raining by Parachute. We said goodbye to Jon's parents and his nephew on Sat morn (after we had taken him to the Moto cross -- i had never been before and it was pretty cool) and then on Sunday we got our next set of visitors. This time it was the son of our old Pastor from Kaitaia, spending a week here before Parachute, and a guy we had never meet before but who was a son of mates of Jon's mum and dad. Yeah, so it turns out he is a chef, and looking for work down here in Tauranga, it wont worry me if he stays on. So our house is continually full, and also Vanessa and her mate Nic are back tomorrow, not sure if they are staying in Tauranga or not.
I went back to work yesterday -- that was cool, looking forward to a good year. And looking forward to Parachute. Should be awesome as long as it doesnt rain!!!
Catch yous fellas later,
Would be good to go out for dinner sometime, maybe even a movie too....
Rufus ( & Jon i supppose)