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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Monday, March 15, 2004

Rufus News

I suppose it's time to again to write something on here. Went to Aucks on Sat nite to see Mum & Dad before they left for the big OE. Saw their newly painted house-- very nice. Busy at the moment with youth group. Got a waterski camp on this weekend coming which should be cool. Can pray for safety if you like. Trying to raise funds at the moment for mission trip to Fiji. Jon is hoping to go with 5 young people. We have a boarder at the moment and he is a chef. It's nice and handy to have tea cooked for us every second night. We are hoping to go up north for Easter, Jon is playing at a wedding up there, so will be cool to catch up with people. Since this is Jon's last year at colege and we have payed our last lot of fees, our next goal is to buy a piece of land, so saving for that and on the lookout.
Thats all everyone, catch up again some other time.
PS I saw Brendon Grant perform at Parachute in his band One Man Bob, quite entertaining, but not my style of music!!!!