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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Come on millers - tell us what you have been up to
Mum and Dad - you can definitely use this as you travel around the globe to keep us up todate with your daily travels. Most hotels and motels will have internet facilities, and most of the poeple you are staying with will also have them, otehrwise an internet cafe should not be too hard to find.
Dave - hows the Joshua house going?
Jon and Rufus - whats been happening in your youth group?
Sjoerd and Pris - we hear from you like once a year - heres your chance to tell us more
Jo and Frank - thanks for all the fantastic photos - keep them coming - and feel free to post them here if you want.
You can compose your text offline if you want and then copy and paste in here so as to limit the time on line.
Jono - how's the packing going? - same thing as mum and dad - you can keep us up to date with prayer requests and news etc from Ukraine using this real easy.

Our kids are excited about Christmas! - So are we!