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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Monday, February 23, 2004

Jono writes
So how do you tell the difference between zero and minus 13?

Minus 13 is the coldest I have been outside in and yes it is so different to zero. I'm beginning to get to the stage where zero is actually quite nice and pleasant.
You know how when your nose is a little runny you can do that sort of sniff (rather uncouth I know Mum) and the mucous runs down the back of your throat. I know you all know what I mean. Well the new sensation for me, was doing that and having an icy cold feeling running down the back of my throat (and I mean ICEY cold!)
I went into K___ other day and bought a few more clothes
My 2nd bag arrived while I was there, but when I got home and opened it a number of things were stolen.
My printer, all my CDs, 2 books (that I can remember), my Swiss Card (like Swiss Army Knife), my mobile phone, my alarm clock. Oh well most things replaceable, one book was from a friend with a nice comment in the front and my CD collection is rather unique (picked up from all over the place).