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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Daves plans

well yeah time to update you all. i have 3 1/2 weeks left at work and then i leave Nelson on August 5th arriving Auckland about midday. hope all of us in nz might get together at mum and dads for dinner that nite and maybe watch some video of their trip. then friday the 6th i fly out late afternoon for LA. spend the weekend in LA with Robin and Joel--friends from Kamp Kanakuk. will go to Knottsberry farm and hopefully saddleback church. then fly on to Columbus Ohio to stay with Beki and we are goin to road trip down to south carolina to stay with one of Bekis good friends from university. i have met this friend also-her name is Charity. then i dont know what!! i may go on down to Florida or i might go back to Columbus--not sure. i may try and find cash work anywhere along the way and if no luck then before i run out of money i will head to the UK. so i will not be going to Paraguay this year. lack of finance is determining this as i need money for the flight to UK and at this stage the plan is to work from there and maybe head into europe to travel, live, work whatever comes along!! (no planned return date to NZ at this stage)well i will update along the way. hope you are all well!!


PS i have moved out of the flat and am house sitting at uncle graemes and aunty jans--they left yesterday and will be in canada now.