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Keeping close though far apart

Friday, April 14, 2006

Jon and Rufus in Paraguay

Week 5 Update
Hey there everyone,
Another week, and another dollar, or is it in our case another week, another few dollars spent!! Actually here there is very little to spend our money on, so that is good. We are just enjoying doing and being here with not much stress!
I have finished sanding, painting, sanding again & then varnishing the tables & chairs (see photos) and now both Jon & I have started oiling & varnishing the 10 doors for MEGA. Jon had sanded them all by hand before this! (I will include photos of MEGA and its progress next week.)
We have been playing soccer a bit (no-one really wants us on their side tho, cos we are useless & it comes so naturally to them!) and Frank has just completed the legs for the table-tennis table, so I'm sure that will become a fierce competition soon!
We had a little visitor to our bedroom the other night (lucky Jon found it before we went to sleep) in the form of a little frog (see photos) that could jump a mile high! We attempted to catch it with a container and Jon thought he had it when it jumped on his arm & he screamed (I did as well just for effect), then Joanna managed to get it & put it outside. Phew, glad it didn't do that during the night! Although these little ones are quite harmless, not like the big toads.
Every morning & night me & my little nephew (he's 2 and a half) go "og" (his name for frog, but he actually means toad) hunting. There are 3 that we know where they live, so we have named them Fred, Mack & Wooster and check on them everyday. He is quite good at spotting them and gets very excited when we find them. I pick him up so as not to get too close tho, because if they feel under attack they will shoot stuff at your eyes that if it gets in them will make you go blind. So although it keeps him (& me) occupied I make sure it's at a distance! There name in Spanish sounds like "Gestapo" so that's what I have named them!
We have met a few people around the town, and it seems that the conversation seems to go something like this Hola! then if I'm not with Jon, the next question is, Are you married to which I answer yes, then the next question is do you have any children, to which I answer no. Then they ask why!! So I tell that we are still practicing! They then carry on to tell me some story about how they never had the chance to do that, or that they were pregnant 1 month after getting married, and all this other stuff. It's quite amusing really.
GRINGOS (foreigner learning Spanish) CORNER:
Today I (Jon) tried the traditional "sopa". It is a bread type dish made in that outdoor oven in the photos. Anyway when I left I said "gracias por el sapo" which means thanks for the toad! LOL.
Anyway, that's enough for this week, we are well, the Easter break here started today (Wed) and is until Sunday, so we may do a few different things. Let you know about it next week!
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