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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Monday, October 25, 2004

Dave's latest

From chilly Alberta to damp England to the warm Carolinas. Yep its been a couple of weeks of much travelling!! After my week in beautiful Banff with Shellz (check out photos below), I went across to Red Deer where I caught Paul Colman in concert http://paulcolman.com/ , stayed with Mark and Kate Robinson and got a few days work. I left there just before the snow arrived!! Once it arrives it stays until April. (a great church here called Crossroads Church-my perfect church!!) http://www.crossroadschurch.ab.ca/ Had a day in Calgary, then flew down to LA, and had a nite there.(Joel and Robyns church here was great too--brilliant sermon for us to hear that day) http://www.ccvnow.com/ Flew to London and met up with Rick, Danella and Anita at Holy Trinity Brompton. Stayed a nite with them then took the train down to Dorset. It was nice to sit on the train travelling thru the green English countryside and getting away from dirty London. I spent the week with the Rees family down there which was very relaxing. Both Sara and Naomi Rees were at home for part of my time there which was cool. And Jo Rees turned 18 on my last day there so we had a nice family dinner out at a Chinese restaurant. Then another 2 hour trip on the train back to London and lug my bags thru the underground to Heathrow. I would hate to live in London!! It was very nice to be on Air NZ to and from London as i met other Kiwis to talk to and just felt like it was a bit of home way over there!! So i flew back to LA and then traversed around the airport between terminals to fill in time. Caught the end of game 6 of the Yankees v. the Red Sox which was exciting. Fell asleep in the terminal while waiting for my "red eye" flight to Washington DC. Dozed on and off on 4 hour flight across the US landing in DC 7:30am. After a short wait flew on to Savannah, Georgia. Then a 2 hour drive to Summerville, South Carolina where it is still warm and yesterday i even got my face sunburnt. I will now try to determine if it is possible to get a work visa here. If its going to be difficult then i will probably fly home to sunny Nelson.