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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Saturday, October 21, 2006

RE: I know there is something wrong with me....it is TO syndrome

well I like the organised people
I guess I will go to it where ever it is and whenever it is
I'm just one so its easy for me
Tim you probably forgot but NZ is a reason cause Frank can go there no probs
projected timetable for Jono from 2008 (only in pencil)
Possibly spend Jan in NZ (nothing to do with a reunion or not)
Feb - March touring Aus starting Townsville down to Adelaide across to Melbourne back up to Sydney
April to July or Aug or Sept - based in Sydney - working at PHCS - trips as necessary including one to Tasmania and possible WA
Sept - maybe Paraguay
back in Ukraine by October 2008
reunion can be any time and I will fit it in (pref not Feb- March while touring)
if its in 2009 - I'll just fly to where ever it is
if peak oil doesn't kick in - the world is a small place
Jono Miller
Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 73:28
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