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Extended Millers

Keeping close though far apart

Monday, November 22, 2004

Last week in the USA

Yep I'm in countdown. It's Sunday morning here and I leave in 5 days! Had a long fun day yesterday at another horseshow. Of course I took my fleece in case it got cold but then wished I had taken shorts as it was hot!! I drank plenty of Dr Pepper tho. I finished painting in this house this week. I have now painted the hallways, the dining room, kitchen, washroom. lounge, parlor, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. On Friday I helped stack 200 bales of hay up in the hayloft. What is up with the NZ league team? Beaten by Great Britain 3 times now!! And the All Blacks only just won last nite. I'm sure this week is going to fly by. 3 more days of working and then Thursday I will experience my first American Thanksgiving! I will make sure I eat a lot! Looking forward to getting home now.